My bogging url has changed. Although I will always love my first domain name, which I created back in 2013 when I was the laziest final year history student on the planet, I think its now time to move on to a more professional and serious site. My main blog can now be found at https://londonisbutonecity.wordpress.com/, please check it out for the usual delights and insights. For my uber cheap, extra tasty and (mostly healthy) vegetarian cooking tips and recipes please go to https://lazyvegetarianmealideas.wordpress.com/

I also have some exciting news on the travel blogging front; in early March I am going to travel to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and hopefully Japan and Amsterdam! Please look up my new shiny travel blog and stay tuned for the photos! https://theflyingvegetarian.wordpress.com/

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Hello, I'm a 23 year old London based history graduate who currently works in a call centre. I've been blogging for a while now and have loved every moment of it so much I am now determined to become a journalist and have people pay me to write.

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  1. And attitudes to high youth incarceration. We have a deep insecurity in admitting that we Europeans stole the land, committed the rapes and murders. When I was growing up I was presented with a view of Ineigenous people as weak and lazy, there was a complete denial of the truth. The same attitude exists in our fear of asylum seekers but the truth is they are our shadow and we are the wounded ones

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